Well, that was gross. . .

So, I’ve spent the last 40 minutes cleaning up puke. Yes! Free in-home healthcare training, courtesy of my 4 yo!

It was definitely one of those weekends. My husband took my oldest son out of town, so I was solo with the little guy. The dog ran away twice. The 4 yo, who is a boy but prefers to sit to pee, didn’t “tuck” and peed all over the bathroom TWICE. The second time he even hit the wall that is two feet across from the toilet. And we capped it off with a puke mess. Oh, I forgot the two nosebleeds (4 yo again).

Honestly, I am just laughing at it all because my life is usually pretty orderly!

(Off to shower now, I am pretty sure I smell like, well, you know.)

LOL!!! Now THAT was funny!

Sorry. I hate it when they get so sick you feel like you have an inch of germs glued to your body.

Thanks for sympathizing. . .

Unfortunately it didn’t end there. He woke up Monday morning with dirty pants, Tuesday morning with dirty pants (that hasn’t happened in over a year, at least). Went to doc Tuesday, he has his 3rd ear infection since February. Back to daycare this morning, only to have him throw up in the preschool van an hour later. Of course I had to take him back home today. I feel bad that he feels bad, but he’s one of those kids that pukes and is then bouncing off the walls all day. I had to cancel lunch with my friend that I haven’t seen in 2 years, AND miss getting my annual review/raise(?) today. . .all so he can sit on the couch looking absolutely perky. Gotta love the offspring!!!

  • OldManDave Said:
LOL!!! Now THAT was funny!

Yep, and what makes it funny is that we've been there!!! Just wait until they are teenagers with a license!! UGH!