Well, the keys are in the ignition...

and other weak metaphors…

I’ve sent in the applications for my postbac-premed school as well as my GI bill benefits, with the intent to start full time in Spring 2013. We have to sell a house for any of this to work, so hopefully that will pan out here in the next few months. I’m going to take all the Texas pre-med requirements because I either never took them, or took truncated versions in PA school 16 years ago.

I’ve been studying Algebra (trig is next), general chem, and biology so I’m ready when the time comes.

Nothing earth shatteringly interesting, but I just wanted acknowledge that I had actually made steps outside of the idea in my head. I also met with the pre-health counselor last week and got some decent advice. Applying now was one of his recommendations and I also found out the good chemistry and physics teachers to get, so hopefully that will work out.

Good luck to all my fellow pre-medders, and those further along in their journeys!

It’s awesome that you’re getting started.

As usual, my recommendation is to get thee to Khan Academy - so that you can get easy A’s in algebra and trig. And calculus if you go for that, too (some MD schools require, not all).


Thanks, Khan is an awesome resource. I’ll be hitting it again after my initial run through the self study books.