We're Moving!!!

I am so excited! Zane and I have decided to move back to Lancaster, PA where I can finish my rotations and hopefully secure a residency (if I decide not to go to Oklahoma since Randy is no longer there).

Lancaster is where I lived when Zane and I met. We both love the area, and there are multiple opportunities for rotations in Lancaster, York, and Reading. All are within driving distance, although I would probably take the housing in York and Reading and just come home on weekends or days off.

Zane’s brother and one of his daughters and her family are all within an hour, so if he should need anything when I’m not around, they would be there for him.

We just decided two weeks ago that since we were planning to move up there for my fourth year rotations, why not go now? So we got in the car, drove to Lancaster, found a place to live and came home and started packing.

I still have to go to the Assoc. Dean of Clinical Education and see if he’ll let me do my Peds, Geriatrics, and Internal Medicine (2nd month) rotations there. I hope he will because we are going anyway. If not, then I’ll try to stagger them so that I can do a rotation in Lancaster and then one down here until they are finished. I am really hoping that he will allow it, though.

Four big reasons:

  1. Housing and everything is much lower in Lancaster, and we are being eaten up alive here in Lewisburg.

  2. Zane will have a great support group if anything should happen to me.

  3. There are more doctors and groups specializing in cancer care if I should need them.

  4. Once I start back on rotations, we just won’t have time to pack up this big house and move. I have been really tired since my cancer surgery and treatment and can’t imagine trying to do rotations and move so quickly.

    Anyway, I have almost our entire house packed up. This is a 4 bedroom, living room, family room, dining room, and 2 bath house. We are downsizing to a 2-bedroom apartment. Really nice! One year old and looks out over a big, beautiful field with a creek running through it and a big old Amish farmhouse with a beautiful silo just across the road. We have donated so much to the local charities while we work on getting rid of stuff that it is amazing. And we have one room almost filled up with stuff for a garage sale the end of July. All we have left to pack is our bedroom and bathroom and about 1/2 of the stuff in the kitchen.

    Next week we are taking Zane’s truck (loaded with some of his sister’s things that we have been keeping for her) up to his brothers who will now have the fun of storing them.

    I am so excited!! Can’t wait to get back to Lancaster!

That’s great Linda. Emily and I have our house on the Market and will also be downsizing to an apartment for the time being. At least when we do sell, we will be totally debt free. It will also be much easier to pack up an apartment should I get an acceptance than a house.


Welcome back to the Keystone State! Perhaps we’ll run into one another at Park City, Tanger Outlets or some other southern central PA venue! I work at Good Samaritan in Lebanon - perhaps a FP rotation through there could be an option. Good luck!

Congrats! It always feels great to finalize a major decision & begin to act upon it! When will you resume your rotations?

Have you heard anything on your COMLEX?

Keep us informed…

By the way, I have visited that section of PA & find it most attractive too!

It just feels so good. Everytime I think about Lancaster, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling that has been missing for a while.

As to COMLEX, I will hopefully hear in August or early September. Rotations will begin shortly thereafter.

All I have to finish for 3rd year is geriatrics, pediatrics, emergency med, family med 2, and one month of internal med. Then it will be on to year 4! I already have permission to do family med 2 and emergency med in Lancaster. So, if my clinical ed dean will just agree to let me do the other three up there as well, it will make things much easier for me. But, like I said before, if he won’t I’ll just stagger them with the Lancaster rotations.


There is no place like home. Congrats on your move.



I am so happy for you and Zane! You spoke so fondly of Lancaster at the convention that I know moving there will be great for both of you.

Remember, that if you still want to come to Omaha and check out residency programs at UNMC, our guest room will always be available!

Doug and I are all packed and ready to load the moving truck on Thursday. Yes, we are leaving for Nebraska at the end of the week. We will close on our house in Laramie on Friday, stay at my parents’ house in central Nebraska over the weekend while they are vacationing in Colorado, and close on our new house in Omaha on Monday!!! We are also excited about getting back closer to family. There is something comforting about “going home . . .”

Best of luck as you head out of WV for PA!



It is great to hear from you. I know you are sooooo ready for school to begin!! Good luck with your move.

As to a rotation in Nebraska, I am already planning on trying to get a family med rotation there during my fourth year. So, all I need now is to get that darned COMLEX score back so I can resume the last bunch of 3rd year rotations and get on to 4th year.

Once again, good luck as you move and begin your journey through medical school!


How exciting!! It sounds like everything is falling into place for you and Zane!! I’m relocating also, the beginning of September to Chicago, to start my rotations hopefully before the end of the year.


Linda! That’s great news. Sounds like it’s just what you and Zane wanted. As you know, Lancaster was one of my top choices after Colorado programs for FP. I absolutely loved it there. Please tell Dr. Ratcliffe I said hello, as well as one of the new interns (Kim) who was in my med school class at KU. I hope you still make it out to Colorado one of these days as well!