What counts as research?

On some of my secondaries they are asking about research experience. While, I don’t have what I traditionally think of research (clinical trials, bench time) I’m wondering if I can count the work I did in writing my book. Some more details:

I have been a yoga teacher and trainer for 10 years, teaching the Anatomy and Physiology section of Teacher training courses. I wrote a book about A&P and how it relates to “subtle” (i.e metaphysical) anatomy that we study in yoga. I did have to look things up in the review textbooks, review and synthesize literature/studies to support claims made, study the lectures of my yoga teacher, etc… Does anyone have ideas on if this would be considered research experience?

Thanks all!

You could describe what you did as research, though the more accepted definition of it for medicine is deriving new information or extracting information in an effort to prove a hypothesis. Basically you want to come to a new conclusion or prove an old conclusion.

Once you get into med school, research becomes “publish a paper” or it never happened.

Regardless, I would definitely include writing a book used in an established course, regardless of what you had to do to write it. Whether it is research or another type of experience is up for debate.