What did you do while working towards med school? Or what are you doing?


I am interested in hearing what ALL of you are doing or did do while working your way(s) upto applying to medical school. Mainly my interest is of the health field. Whether that mean an indigent clinic or as an EKG tech. I hope to receive a fair amount of answers and insight.

Thank you!

I’ve worked as a Respiratory Therapist for the last 6 years.

I am a nurse practitioner working in orthopedics.

I sold software. First for IBM and now for a smaller software company aimed at infusion pharmacy and durable medicle equipment.

I’ll be starting classes in January, and will finish (hopefully) in Spring 2010, and take the MCAT in April. Additionally, I’ll be working (anywhere that will pay me) on a part time basis, and volunteering in the ER at the local hospital, as well as for a therapeutic horseback riding camp for disabled children. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit this all in, but I’ll have to make it work somehow!

I’m in the process of figuring this out - I just left my job (the boss lacked any ethics whatsoever) as a applied physics scientist and am looking for part time employment. If I don’t get hired soon, I’ll take a phlebotomy class and get my cert - or I’ll get my EMT-1 - and work in a hospital. It is so tempting to go back full time; I miss the paycheck! But, no pain, no gain (or, no brain, no pain I say :))

Anyone out there do any clinical/research type material? If so, any suggestions on how to pursue the research portion? I have the clinical…

Thank you to everyone who has responded thus far!

I’ve already answered this questions before… here’s the link ;).


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I did not know this. Thanks “Kasia”

Also I should mention, I have tried to read almost all relevant threads in the pre-med section quite recently. Never noticed this one…Thanks again!

Oh, not a problem.

I didn’t mean to imply that you hadn’t done your research. There are so many posts in here that it’s sometimes hard to find them even using the search option .

I knew that you hadn’t. I just was saying and suggesting to new users and old; that haven’t already done so. To go through the threads and read as many as you can. I was amazed at some of the amazing threads. Great info and motivation for anybody, no matter what stage of the game your in! Cheers…

P.S. That’s the problem with text, sometimes it’s hard to determine the application in which was intended…

I was a librarian running an IT department in a university library.

That sounds like a great job! I love the library!!!

I’m a PA (Pathology Assistant/surgical pathology) doing cancer research working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Great Blog pathdr2b! I should think about starting a blog…We should make a thread for users to post the link to their blogs!!

I’m a legal assistant…I am so glad I got this job, it made me know that much more that medicine is the career field for me.

I’ve already worked in both a clinical setting and a research setting, and I am now working in a research setting, although I admit it’s not directly related to medicine. My previous research experience was with a school of medicine on behavioral medicine research for cancer prevention and post-treatment outcomes.

I’m a high school science teacher in the inner city. This will be my last year though! Not sure what to do next that will still keep the bills paid while I go to school PT!

I do software systems development at Amex.

Despite our ongoing efforts to prepare financially and psychologically, I’m sure that my family and I are in for a real jolt if/when the very nice salary is replaced by an austere income of student loans and part time work.


I am an ER nurse — oh and a mom and a wife and I think most of the time a good friend.

I don’t know where my keys are though…