What do do with the time on my hands???

Hey everyone. Okay, so here I am…all done with my pre-reqs for the exception of Organic Chemistry. Unfortunately, I didn’t get in to Orgo I this semester (I’m not matriculated and have to register LAST–plus, no one dropped). This again puts me back in the application process. Never a dull moment. So, I have the semester to do something–but not sure how I can best utilize my time. I do work full time (at a major medical center) as an addiction counselor–and have been spending a lot of time with my medical director–learning some things etc. ANy suggestions on what else I can do??? ANything to beef up my applciation?? I’m so used to being booked solid with time that I honestly don’t know what to do with myself?? And, don’t say “relax.” I do nutts when idle. What’s everyone else doing??? Anna

Take sometime off, just relax and do somethings you want to do. Being dedicated to your goal of becoming a doctor is important, but don’t forget that you have a life outside of school. HAVE SOME FUN!!!..believe me it’s important.