what grade to you receive when you transfer school

I am currently an freshmen in my undergrad and I am thinking of transferring to a different college for financial reasons. I got a AB in general bio and a B in chem but when I transfer to a different school, my grade won’t transfer. So here is my question, does medical school take the grades that I got from the school that I am currently enrolled? do I have to take another bio and chem class at the new school that I will be attending next year. what is the minimun GPA that will allow a slight chance of getting into medical school?

If you have any imput, please contribute. Thanks!

When you apply to med school, they will see and count ALL of your grades. If you transfer colleges, the grades from the first school will not be factored into the GPA that you earn at your second school. But the application services for medical school will ask that you list all the courses you’ve taken at all institutions, with all grades. So the GPA that is calculated for your med school application is going to be different from the GPA at either school.
Hope that makes sense!
As for GPA - aim as high as you possibly can. You will read on here about people getting into med school despite some bad grades, but usually those are VERY OLD bad grades, NOT grades from current schoolwork. Current stuff must be VERY good. Shoot for As. An occasional B is OK. A rare C can be overlooked (especially if it’s not in a prerequisite) but will need to be outnumbered by lots of much better grades.