What math skills should I focus on?

I am considering taking a math class or two to prepare myself for what is to come. So far I can handle the math in the Principals Chem 1 class. Other students are taking pre-calc classes and then saying that they are not sure why…
I am debating over taking an actual class or sitting down with my math teacher friend and working through a book. What level of math do I need to prepare for my two physics classes and organic chem?
E Lynne

There is very little math in organic chem. It’s really more three-dimensional thinking, solving synthesis problems (then ad this chemical to make this chemical and then, no, wait, I meant in the other order), and learning reaction mechanisms (and then these electrons go over here because it’s more stable that way…).
In physics so far, I would say you need a pretty solid grasp of trigonometric functions, as well as adding and subtracting vectors, expressing them in terms of x,y axes or polar coordinates and being able to convert between the two. If you know a few trig identities (sin^2 +cos^2=1) that’s handy, but not essential.
Beyond that, your basic algebra is probably getting enough of a workout in gen. chem. to get you ready for physics.