What should I do now?

Hi guys. I’m new here and looking for advice as I am about to apply soon to DO ONLY so no MD schools. Some things about me are the reason why my ug gpa was low was due to depression and other personal/familial problems. I would like some feedback please. Also, my main question is should I take an extra semester at a state school? I hear there is some bias towards doing post bacc at a CC after finishing a 4 year uni? What steps would you take if you were me? I plan on applying by next July 2021.

Cumulative gpa (UG): 3.38

Sgpa (UG): 2.7 (I know it’s bad and I took all the pre reqs except physics during undergrad)

Post Bacc sgpa (at a CC): 3.73 (Is it okay I took a post bacc at a CC?)

Post bacc courses at CC (24 units):

Medical Bio: A

Anatomy: A

Microbio: A

Physics 1 and 2: B+

Physio: A
I did all these courses while working at taking care of my grandma

MCAT: 505

ECS: Tutor for disadvantaged children, delivered food to elderly/disadvantaged during covid and helped at food bank during covid

Clinical: 150+ hours hospital volunteer, 50 hours shadowing DO,

LOR: 2 science professor LOR, 1 LOR DO, 1 LOR from hospital instructor