What should my next steps be?

Hi premed years friends!
I’m a rising senior at UC Berkeley, interested in doing a post bacc program and, hopefully attending medical school. I currently have a 3.2 GPA and probably a much lower science GPA due to classes I had taken in a different college within Berkeley my freshman year. I certainly have an upward trend in my grades and am hoping by next year, when I graduate, I have a 3.4/3.5. My end goal is to go to medical school and avoid going to the Caribbean at all costs. I’m open to attending a DO school, but would really prefer an MD program. I’m considering some of the more notable post bacc programs(Goucher, Bryn Mawr, UVA) and linking into medical school. I don’t know the stats to get into these programs, but my highschool GPA was a 4.53. My SAT was 2130 superscored, and my ACT was 31, so if anyone could STAT me? However, there are programs within California(Mills, Scripps) with fewer/no linkages to MD schools. Is it worth considering one of these programs, as to not give up my status as a California resident? I’m currently a legal studies and society and environment double major at Berkeley. I would appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you!