What specialties are you interested in and why?

  • peterhass Said:
Might be in the minority here, but just good old family practice for me.

I ponder this question often and always seem to find my way back to family practice.

Family medicine or general practice. I have a strange desire to be an old, grumpy country doctor.

If I were looking to practice in a hospital setting, it would probably be emergency psychiatry

Family, General, or Pedi.

I just recently discovered that I wanted a career in medicine, so these are the goals I have in mind with limited knowledge and experience.

In short, I just want to help people… I’m not interested in the glory of various specialties.

Anesthesiology…I loved watching what they do. Physiology is pretty interesting stuff so using anesthetics and medications to balance the patient’s physiology for the optimal outcome before, during and after surgery is perfect for me.

Hi Tim

If you are interested in Anesthesiology, check out this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuZl9tRqjoQ&a mp;fea…

I thought this was hilarious.


Internal Medicine or Urology.

Internal Medicine for the Hospitalist route -the broad training IMeds receive, is often underestimated I believe.

Urology, because my mother and I are sufferers of urological illnesses and the help that fellow sufferers need is lacking in quality and availability.

My interests are based around my experience in healthcare so far, Ortho/Sports Med, Anesthesiology/Pain Management, Emergency Med.

I have worked in facets of all three and enjoy them for different reasons.

As I am just beginning down this path as a possible future for myself the thing that gets my goat right now is Peds

It is totally driven for selfish reasons

1 - most of the time you are dealing with young, healthy kids that bounce back from everything, and in the case where you are dealing with something serious, that is usually referred to a specialist

2 - I had a great relationship with my Pedi - his son and I were on baseball and soccer teams together and he was just such a nice man

Peds - you get them from the time they are babies up until they are almost 20 - what a great way to watch the future!

This might come out wrong…and I may change my mind if (when?) I’m accepted, but there are full scholarships if I choose primary care. So, at my age, I’m afraid to consider anything else. If I were independently wealthy, I would be more open-minded and just see where my heart leads when I’m actually in med school. Right now, I’m thinking it will be family practice, peds, or med/peds.

  • LJSimpson Said:

Hi Tim

If you are interested in Anesthesiology, check out this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuZl9tRqjoQ&a mp;fea...

I thought this was hilarious.


Oh man, thanks for sharing that Lynda, I seriously was laughing out loud. Haha, and after shadowing an anesthesiologist, that's so true with a routine patient.

I’m thinking OB - Infertility, after my own struggles. Once I realized I wasn’t alone I knew it’s what I wanted to do.

Orthopedic surgeon. I’d love to be a surgeon but don’t have a delicate touch. With orthopedics, you have to be rough to manuveur bones and joints. I care for patients who come out of surgery after having hip, knee, and back surgeries due to trauma. Its amazing to see how they bounce back so quickly. It must be satisfying to see as a physician.