What to do while waiting!

Hello group!

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since my first post some 18 months ago, and today I did experience a ‘meaningful moment’. I completed and sent in my first application to med-school. Two more applications will follow shortly.

The timing for these applications may seem a little odd, but the timeline is different up here, on the Canadian side of the border. Also, since MCATs are not used in the selection process of Quebec French language universities, the GPA becomes of utmost importance.

Over the past 3 semesters, I completed the pre-reqs (plus a few extras, 44 credits in total) for 3 local schools . I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a GPA of 3.8 will open one of those doors!

Looking forward, the question becomes: So, what now? No courses? I couldn’t hack that. No way! Idly sitting around while waiting for the application process to unfold would be unbearable.

What kind of course(s) would you consider while ‘waiting’?

  • Appealing stuff

    Physiology - endocrine, cardio-vascular, respiratory, renal are in the course outline for the next course I could attend

  • New stuff

    Immunolgy - simply scares me to death

  • Get ahead stuff

    Anatomy - because of all the memorization, which apparently everybody hates

  • Dry stuff

    Organic II - not required up here, but would certainly keep my neurons active!

  • Forefront science

    Cell & Molecular biology - I've done some already, and I don't particularly like it, but it is quite mainstream

  • A research project

    How can I even tackle such an idea?

I do have access to the following four courses - though I plan to actually take only one or two.

- Physiology

- Organic II

- Molecular Bio.

- Cell Bio.

What would you do?


I absolutely loved immunology! It was really hard, but it was fun. Wasn’t required for pharmacy school, but I was a bio minor so I had to take it.

Have fun choosing!