What to do with an empty summer?

Hey guys,

I’m on my path to pre-requisite completion right now. This year I completed G Chem I & II, G Physics I & II, and Bio I, all with A’s. I was praying that I would be able to take O Chem or Bio II over the Summer but unfortunately it looks like the classes that I need aren’t going to be available over the summer so I need some ideas on what to do.

I’m planning on taking the MCAT in January or February of next year to apply for Fall 2013. I really want to make sure that I don’t have any empty blocks of time where I’m not either taking classes or doing something that will improve my application. Does anybody have any advice they would like to offer?

Have you taken a look at Math or English?

You can try to shadow or volunteer. If not, work out.

Or you can start working on your MCAT. The sooner, the better.

Yes I’ve completed my bachelors so all of my Math and English pre-reqs are completed. I only need to complete the science.

I realize that studying for the MCAT early can’t hurt but I’m sure there’s something I could get involved with this summer that would help my application out as well.

Shadowing and/or volunteering seem to me to be the obvious choice for filling up a free summer. Add in some solid MCAT prep and you could have a busier summer than if you were taking classes. Since it sounds like you aren’t juggling a job as well, I would recommend finding multiple opportunities so you can narrow down one or two that you truly enjoy that you can continue with once you go back to school.

If you’re interested in it, research is another summer option (that’s what I’m doing this summer). Although it may be a little late in the game to secure one of those positions.

Oh no!

So I had pretty much lost all hope of getting into any classes that would benefit me over the summer after failing to get any sympathy from Professor after Professor so my wife and I dove into planning a trip to Costa Rica!

Well, last night I received an email from an Anatomy and Physiology Professor at a college that I am added to her “wait list” and to check in with her on the first day of class and come on time.

I’m not sure what to do now! I really want to go on this trip but I think it would be good to take the class. I go back and forth between going and not going. It’s not a required pre-req and I could take the class at a later time. I’m at a loss. Any advice to set me straight?

I vote for the trip!!! Once you’re in med school, it could be awhile before you get the chance to travel again.

Very true. I like the way you think! There’s no guarantee I’m in the class yet either… If it was OChem I would definitely take the risk and cancel the trip but it’s not…

Anyone else?

A&P is a good course, but this may be your only free summer. My vote is go on the trip.

  • PixieSanders Said:
A&P is a good course, but this may be your only free summer. My vote is go on the trip.

Thanks for the response. I am leaning towards just going. I'm not guaranteed in the class at this point so I could wind up not going on the trip and not getting in the class either which would be a big blow...

I think I'm going to go ahead and go on the trip and continue to look furiously for volunteering and research opportunities afterwards.

Personally, and let me state that this is only me, I’d forgo the trip. I’d probably end up spending most of it thinking about that class I could be taking, and how taking a class might make my application that much stronger, get me into a program that much better, get me into a residency that much more competitive. Then again, this is purely me. If you need the chance to maintain work/life balance, then I’d strongly consider doing it.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t take the trip because it’s a bad idea (I’d love to go to CR, the birding is amazing down there). I’m saying I wouldn’t because I’ll end up ruining it with my mind being elsewhere.