Hello all,

I joined this forum to get some ideas from all of you. I am a NON traditional pre-med student and I am founding a group based on this at the University of Minnesota. I have some ideas of my own but I am wonder what types of volunteering you all would be interested in? should they all involve spouses and kid? what about speakers, who would you like to hear from? What activities would you be interested in? what time and social constraints should I pay attention to? ( I am 27 but no kids no hubby) any other ideas for me are greatly appreciated as well- thanks so much for taking a minute to answer!!!

I’d say if you search around on this site you will find a vast majority of topics that you could go over in your group! Welcome to OPM!


Welcome! Echoing Rhonda, in addition to the OPM site, there are several of us non-trads at the U (me included).

Just a heads-up, there are three active pre-med groups on campus which cater to all different types of students. Have you checked those out?

Each group has a different feel to it and depending on your wants/needs you might be better served reaching out to them.

Good luck in your quest!