What would you do? (family vs. school)

Monday my toddler is scheduled to have P.E. tubes placed. I just received confirmation of his surgery time. They want him there at 10 a.m. and the surgery starts at 11:30 a.m.

The issue is we start a new unit in biology and with how I’ve struggled in this class, I’m a bit stressed about missing lecture. That class is from 8 a.m. - 8:50.

The hospital is about an hour from campus. If my husband can take him there in the morning, it won’t be an issue. I would just drive straight there. If he can not get permission to go into work late, I will need to back track off of the highway about 15 minutes to pick him up, which would make me arriving around 10:30 instead.

Would you try and make class Monday morning? Would you risk running late? Or would you suck it up and say family is more important? Is it reasonable to try to fit them both in? I’ll be missing chem that day as well, so I hesitate to miss two classes, but then again, I have the “mommy” strings pulling at me too.

I wonder if I should have put this in the family room. I don’t know. There seems to be more traffic here, and it is definitely related to my classes.

I don’t really see this as a case for choosing school over family any more than when I’m working full time and my kid gets sick I see that as choosing work over family. I see it as taking care of my responsibilities whatever they are, whenever they come up.

If you’re having trouble in Bio class, then IMHO you should be reviewing the units before you cover them in class anyway. With that said, I’d take my kid to the Doc, email the prof with questions that came up in my review over the weekend while I was waiting on my kid to get out of surgery (I’m the queen of multitasking). I would also ask a classmate or the Prof himself to record lectures and place them on line(FYI, I’m the person who statred our department redeording lectures). It’s easy to do and makes being there for your family when you need to be that much easier. Good luck!

That would have been an idea. I just remembered I bought a voice recorder last year to listen to lectures back and forth between class. But the baby screamed bloody murder every time I turned actual music off so I gave up on that idea lol. Drat. Had I thought of that I could have brought it to class with me today and given it to her to record the lecture. Urgh.

I will be reviewing. I tend to outline the entire chapter/unit anyway so that will take place regardless this weekend. Even still, with doing that on top of lecture notes, I’m still having a hard time.

I would do all things suggested by Pathdr, but I would try to go to class too, and just leave early. I would tell the prof by email ahead of time, and remind him/her before class.

Then again, I’m crazy and try to do much.

I don’t know that I’d sweat the class, if there’s a way you might feel comfortable with the material otherwise. Is the book useful? Is there anyone you study with, or whose notes you could borrow? Could you schedule a time to meet with the professor to discuss the concepts? In my experience, I’ve usually been the only one to show up for office hours, so those might be a good time.

Haha. I AM the only one to show up for office hours. I will be doing that too. I put out an e-mail to my lab partner who has a different lecture prof, asking if I could get my voice recorder to her could she put it in my prof’s hands. I also put out an e-mail to the prof askign basically the same thing if she’d record it if I drove down that way this weekend to give it to her. Given, with her record of returning e-mails…(Never got a response to my review question I was sweating last night until this afternoon and the exam was at 8 am lol)…who knows if she’ll even open her email this weekend.

  • AliJ Said:
I would do all things suggested by Pathdr, but I would try to go to class too, and just leave early. I would tell the prof by email ahead of time, and remind him/her before class.

Then again, I'm crazy and try to do much.

Honestly seriously considering this, just trying to decide if it's worth the extra gas for 20 minutes when the campus is one hour away.

Must ponder more...check my gas budget and see if it's workable.

For Biology review, I used the following resources which proved to be very helpful: REA’s Problem Solvers in Biology, Cliff’s Quick Review in Biology and the Biology Coloring Book.

I need to get me the coloring book…just because…it’s a coloring book.

Actually thanks for that tip. Why didn’t you tell me this at the beginning of the semester? Off to Barnes and Nobel this weekend to get me some helps.

See, he may be good for an argument or two, but the man really pulls through. He’s told his boss he’ll be in at noon and is taking him in the morning so I can hit biology and go straight there. Shwoo.

Now to see if I can figure out Monday’s homework w/o the lecture in chemistry. If not, there’s always office hours.

I feel much better. I know I’m missing a class, but that’s unavoidable, and I’m able to at least make the class lecture I’m really struggeling with.

Hi BOOBS! I am sorry that things are getting stressful. You can do this! I know you can, cuz if you can’t then I can’t. So, you have to do it. Breathe! Multi-task. Use your time to the best of your ability. You have thought of everything possible to succeed, you just have to believe it will fall into place. I, too, feel like I got “schooled” this last week or two. All angry and PMSing. Hideous! I am going to go on Seasonal birth control so that I will only have AF every three months. I can’t take the PMS. I am so angry I can’t concentrate. LOL. Or exhausted. My kids are really good kids, and yet, they take time. I get so tired that I put off homework. So, I am fixing it. I asked my Psych teacher if my current GPA is indicative of my college career. Thank god he said NO, it will be my worst quarter. I went from a 3.73 to a oh please be a 3.4. Not organized at all! So, my pep talk to you, is my pep talk to myself. You can do this SuperMom!!! Dang living a full life is wonderful, and very strange.

  • Kimberly_h Said:
Dang living a full life is wonderful, and very strange.

If this does not sum things up I don't know what does. LOL

I drug the hubby out to the city last night with three kids in tow after work. Lucky for us, the all fell asleep so we had some quiet time, but I left him to peruse Borders while the younglings slept and picked up a cliffs notes AP book, a huge box of anatomy flash cards and an anatomy coloring book. 70 dollars later, I may not have the rest of the animal kingdom's reproductive systems on flash cards, but I'll at least ace the human aspects! And really, one thing I have noticed is she does not test too terribly much on the other classes/species since the taxonomy and evolution unit was over. Basically she sticks with mammilian processes, which are all pretty similar.

I'm geeking out though and stoked about this chapter. Reproduction fascinates me from estrogen through infancy (whatever animal baby it may be...except maybe fly babies...eeewwweee). I can't wait to see what more my biology book has to show me that I haven't dug up answers to on my own.

I think it’s a given that everyone on this site “geeks out”. I never thought of cliff notes and flash cards. Want to sell them to me discounted later? LOL. Okay, J/K. I just bought a dry erase bored to nail in my LIVING ROOM to try and organize my time and remind me that I am attempting to organize it. That is GEEKING OUT!

  • BOOBS Said:
Actually thanks for that tip. Why didn't you tell me this at the beginning of the semester? Off to Barnes and Nobel this weekend to get me some helps.

I must have missed your original post about it.

For future reference, I've failed just about every premed course out there, so if you need some additonal sources of info, send me a PM.