What would you do?

Brief Background:

-6 classes left to complete B.S. in Health Science.

-Needs all pre-reqs (1 year of Bio, Chem, Physics, Ochem) Calc 1

-2.6 cGPA, 2.8 sGPA, 160 Credits

-Plenty of ECs,Health Care Experience, Research, etc. Problem is academia

-Need to show great upward trend with one of the below options.


A) Complete a 2 year ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) RN degree, get a 4.0 GPA and also complete my B. S. in Health Science with those remaining 6 classes I need plus thel pre-reqs.

This will show a new phase in my academic record; Nursing Grades + 6 upper divisions B. S. classes + Pre-reqs.

B) Complete my B. S. in Health Science plus the pre-reqs, and do a Postbacc program

(Not sure if I can get accepted into a postbacc with less than a 3.0 GPA) Such as the University of California Post Bacc’s programs.

C) Add a second major (Biology: Physiology emphasis) to my Health Science major and finish both with possible all As. This way I will graduate with a double major in Biology/Health Science and the upward trend will show I can handle upper division science classes and will also serve as a new phase in my academic record.

If Option C is a good one, would you suggest staying at the same University (A), or Transferring to a different one to start the second major after finishing the first one at university A?

Obviously the plans are med school (MD/DO), if it doesn’t work out,I ll try PA school. Not to say they are easier to get into, but a lot of them at least look at the last 60 units and decide.

Thanks in advance.

Of those choices, I would probably go route C. I would go route A if and only if I wanted to be a nurse.

Don’t become a nurse unless you want to work as a nurse. It’s one thing for someone who went into nursing to be a nurse to decide to become a physician, it’s another for someone to become a nurse as a stepping stone to become a physician. It is looked at two different ways by med schools.

The best thing you can do for yourself with your GPA is to kick but on your pre-reqs and upper level hard science classes (i.e. immunology, biochem, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, etc).