When does this timeline begin?

I know it’s looming on the horizon. Right now I’m taking the science courses I never received with my undergrad (basically NO maths or sciences). I just finished Bio 1, Chem 1, and Algebra (hopefully I pulled that grade). I also know for the school I want to attend, as well as many of the D.O. programs, they only require chem, o chem, bio, and physics (the maths are pre reqs of the sciences). Which in theory means in about a year and a half I can start considering the MCAT. In the meantime when does one start to study for this deal? How does one start the process? And I’m sure I’ll come up with many more questions as the year goes by.

My suggestion is that you start now. The MCAT study material will aid you in preparing for your prereq courses. Starting the process is simply a matter of figuring out which books you want to purchase and then buying them.

I’m using Exam Krackers Series.

I wouldn’t worry about MCAT study itself at this point. The MCAT itself is meant to feel overwhelming; that’s part of its challenge (and one that is very overcomable, if that’s a word). MCAT study material is generally built as a review, so that’d likely be frustrating as well.

IMHO, the best way to prep for the MCAT, at this point, is to learn all you can in your classes. If you do all you can get a solid understanding of Physics, OChem, etc, you’ll be in a good position when you start studying for the MCAT itself.

Obviously, there are different ways to go about this. Good luck with it, whatever you do

I totally agree with Adam.

At this point the best MCAT preparation is to learn everything the best you can in your classes. After you’re done with all your prerequisites you can start studying/ reviewing for the MCAT. I would say that depending on how intense you want this preparation to be, you can do it in 3 months… or extend it to one full semester.

If however you really want to/ have to study for the MCAT… start with Verbal Reasoning. It’s not really studying… the only way to prepare for this part is to do lots of sample passages. ExamKrackers have separate book for verbal section, that you can work on one passage at the time (if you absolutely have to ;).

Good luck,


Verbal reasoning huh? Is this some new term I’ve not learned in all my English courses or is this something I’ve been doing just w/ a new name?

Off to google I suppose.