When is too early?

I very much want to make the MCAT my friend. I’m going to be starting my post bacc classes in August. Is there anything I should be doing, as I start, to make things easier for myself when the big test is upon me? Anything to do to be organized? Anything you vets wish you would have done in hindsight?

I do very much intend to get the most out of my classes and do well (which is what my dr friends have said so far). Just was trying to think beyond that. Thanks in advance…

I remember taking the MCAT at the end of the semester in which I was wrapping up my pre-reqs. I took it in late April, allowing me to have the scores back just as the application cycle opened. I also took a prep class that met twice weekly at night that semester and treated it just like one of my other classes, completing the assignments ahead of class and after class for preparation.

Good luck!!

I seriously think that the best think you can do prepare for MCAT so far in advance is to do you best in your prerequisites. As you go through your classes try to answer every single ‘Why’ question that pops into your mind. If you make an effort to understand principles of whatever you’re going to study in your prereqs, you’ll be ahead when you start preparing for MCAT few weeks/ months before the exam.

I did the same thing Tara did - during my last semester of prerequisites I took MCAT prep class that met twice a week February through April…