When to take the MCAT during post-bac program?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching the forums for this question, but I haven’t found an answer similar enough to my situation. I got worried when I heard Bryan (on the MCAT podcast, episode 4) advise students to take the MCAT a calendar year prior to their intended application/acceptance date. Perhaps Bryan meant this more for traditional premeds in undergrad.

So here’s my question: All of my pb premed coursework will be completed by May 2020, when my pb program ends. I anticipate hardcore 4-5mo studying in the final semester of my pb program and taking the MCAT in May 2020. I am allotting 4 weeks to receive my scores. I will send my apps to med schools on day 1 when they open. Will all of this work? What if I want a higher score and wish to retake (update my app later?)?

Thank you all!

That timeline should work. Scores take about 4-6 weeks to post if I recall correctly. AMCAS should start to process/validate your application once you submit it without MCAT scores then hold your application until your MCAT score is received. If you delay your MCAT, still submit your app as early as possible without it.

Depending on what tools you use to study, you may or may not need all of the information that you’ll learn in your final semester to do well. If you can find the time to study while taking classes, more power to you. I think the timeilne of the traditional student is study for the MCAT between junior and senior year and take it that summer before classes start back up. That way you can apply to schools during senior year and not have a year off in between graduation and starting medical school.

If you plan to retake once you get your scores, you can edit your application and mark your MCAT as a pending future test date. That will slow your processing though, because I believe schools will end up not looking at your package until your new score is in. That may differ with different schools.

Thank you a million, Kennymac. I appreciate it!