when to transfer??

I’ve read a lot on this site about community college course not being looked upon as greatly as 4 year college courses, especially prereqs. I attend a community college and I am taking 3 prereqs this quarter, I wanted to know if i should transfer to the 4 year college next quarter before i get too deep into my prereqs. I looked up the schools transfer policies, and because my grades are decent, i could transfer no problem. the thing is, that the biology, and chemistry that i am taking right now does transfer, but the next chemistry class at my c.c. and the next biology class at my c.c. won’t transfer over. I think its because at the c.c., they have 3 sequence chemistry and biology classes, and at that university, there is only chem I and II, and bio I and II. My english classes don’t even transfer over as English I and II only as electives. I’m concerned that if i decide not to get an a.a. at the c.c then my credits won’t be worth much and its already been said that its better to do the prereqs at a 4 year. what if i don’t get a good grade in chemistry at the c.c., how will that look to the medical schools? Any comments or advice is greatly appriciated!

I ended up taking almost all of my pre-reqs at a local CC. Everything except Org Chem. I did take calc-based physics, to hopefully look a little better than trig-based, but the bottom line was that C.C. was much more flexible on evening classes, and there is no way I can do anything other than evening/weekend classes, with fulltime work (and family).
I know it doesn’t look as good to have C.C. classes on the transcripts for pre-reqs, but I made sure and kept a 4.0 in all of them. I would say, if you are going to take them at a C.C., just try and get out of there with an “A” in every pre-req; otherwise I’d just switch over now, if you are able to get the classes you need, when you need, from a regular University. I think this differs from school to school, as to how it looks. The TX schools make a point of saying that there is “no difference whatsoever” in getting C.C. vs. University credit, but what they say and what is reality, may be two different things. At more competitive allopathic schools, my transcripts would probably be a joke, with the C.C. pre-req classes on there…but I’m not planning to apply to Harvard. For that matter, even if Harvard wanted me, I’d tell them to shove it. It’s I guess a matter of where you intend to apply.

I’ve taken about a year’s worth of post-bacc pre-reqs at CC, and I’ll likely be taking classes at a local 4-year in the fall. To be honest, I almost feel like I’d be better served by continuing in the CC - it’s more convenient time and location-wise, several profs go out of their way to assure the classes are on par with the university, and I think I’d learn more in a class of 12 than a class of 400. That said, I’m playing by their rules; if the majority of med schools feel that I’d get a better education at UCF, and if they by and large say they consider UCF classes more highly, I’ll finish up at UCF. Either way, I’m going to make darn sure that I learn my stuff.

I like the cc i go to also. its close by and less expensive. however, this is my second quarter taking classes there, the first quarter, was about 2 years ago. they want me to retake the precalculus and intro to chem class i took 2 years ago. i got c’s in both. I’m starting to get concerned that this repeating at the cc level will affect my transcript in a negative way once i start applying to med school. I wonder if I should not repeat, and just wait until i get to the university. I was thinking of just going next quarter instead of waiting until fall. i’m not really trying to rush things, but i don’t want to waste valuable time either, especially is that’s what the med schools want…

Hi there,
If the university is on a semester system and your CC is on a quarter system then three quarters = 2 semesters. While your third quarter may not transfer on its own, you may still need it to complete the equivalent of 2 semesters i.e one year. Be sure to check this out before you transfer.