Where has time flown?!

So, long ago in a lifetime so far away, I was registered here and lurked and posted and went to school.


Now ended, I’m back to finishing up my pre-reqs. Am hoping to tour several schools over the summer so next year (Two years past what I should have done), I will be applying.

Currently, I’m about a 3.7 on 4.0 scale. Given the bankruptcy, foreclosure, stalking/threatening professor, my son’s mental health issues, and my parents’ failing health; I’m okay with a 3.7.

Posting the link on my blog for the conference; let me know if that is not okay … three years into blogging and I’m still at it.

Wondering where everyone went - Kimberly, you’re still here!!! Rhonda?

Oh, and I’m going to Vegas!!! See ya’ll there

Welcome back and congrats on returning to the studies! Best wishes!

I was ready to give up many times… never completely for the fear of being 50 and not having given “it” everything I had, seemed trite - almost as if I was taking my ability to generate the 3.7 in the midst of all. that. junk, for granted. As if I had deemed the pre-med path trivial, which it is surely not.

Being back on here, helps. It reminds me of those that have come here with hope, some to matriculate, and others to post and discuss their futures. I wonder now about Nahani who struggled with test anxiety, and Hugz who just fell off the forum…and I realize their own paths are for them, and mine… is not yet done.

I see that Mary Revard no longer posts which is a shame. Richard Boyd is gone too, and that makes me sad. Great to see Terry posting about his life now, and Gablerman we all lived with you through your family’s sorrow.

My blog used to be mostly about pre-med stuff that I’d found, or classes.

Someone from CA pestered me into revealing more about what “personal struggles” I was going through and that maybe someone who would read that would say, “If she can do this, so can I.”

I don’t know if I succeeded in that aspect but the blog has become my outlet during the several crises that I endured… and now will become more about being a pre-med again.

Testing strategies, MCAT books, etc… and yes, it will still be personal. Maybe there will be that one person who reads it, and thinks they can overcome their own adversity and persevere.

I can only hope.

Onto o-chem for real for me… biochem, then MCAT.

I heard from Mary this year, though - probably very busy!

Thank you for sharing. I’m glad for your persistance! And 3.7 is great!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Vegas!


And now that you mention it, what ever happened to Skaterbabe74, averyismycat, and cocogoldsmith?

Avery dropped off the path - saw her in school. She always knew the likelihood of her getting to med school was a long shot with her challenges.

The other two, must’ve joined after I’d left the site for a bit…