Where to start to not feel like I am dragging my feet

I am a nontraditional pre-health student that is looking to apply to a post-bacc program to boost my gpa. I graduated with a 2.98 GPA and am currently taking a gap year working in biotech and tutoring full time as well as looking for post-bacc programs to help increase my GPA. I feel that I need to take a post-bacc program as I am incredibly close to clearing a 3.00 GPA and the gap year would definitely help me prepare for the MCAT. However, not realizing it at the time - and being on autopilot - I noticed that the post-bacc programs have application periods similar to both college and medical school. A question for that is how long to too long to enter into a post-bacc program. I am 22 years old and really want to pursue a career in medicine but do not want to rush an application for it to be denied.

What is the best route of action that will get the ball rolling because I feel a tad overwhelmed because there are too many ways that I can go about applying to medical school and different routes I can take to get there? Is my GPA - being where it is - not as important to increase as it is to prepare for the MCAT. Finally, should I apply for post-bacc programs that require at least a 3.0 GPA, or is that a waste of an application?

Thank you