Where were you when JFK was killed in Dallas?

Hi Folks,
If you are a very old Pre-Med, Med or Doc, you can remember where you were when JFK was shot. I was home from school because we were on winter holiday. I can remember that the radio was filled with details of the shooting along with screams. I was 11 years old and had been in DC three years earlier for the Kennedy Inauguration. I can vividly remember how cold I was standing between my parents and listening to his voice ring out. We even caught glimpses of folks dressed in their finery attending some of the Inaugeral Balls. I also had run by the Kennedy gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery on many morning runs when the air was crisp and cold. I remember the 21-gun salute. It was strange watching all of the documentarys this week.
A very old Doc

I was in third grade. I didn’t really “get it.” I remember my mother being so somber. I know the TV was on a lot over that weekend.
My sister in first grade actually has a sharper memory of it, because her first grade teacher, an ancient nun, was a major whack job. When the first announcement came, that he’d been shot, she told them to get down on their knees and pray for the President. When the second announcement came that he had died, she told them they had not prayed hard enough. My sister has a LOT of bad memories of that class, needless to say!
For many years afterwards, the Kennedy gravesite was a required stop for relatives visiting us in D.C. And I vividly recall driving across Memorial Bridge and looking for the Eternal Flame that is on the gravesite.

I was not even a glimmer in my dad’s eye yet! It all happened 2.5 years before I occured.

I was but 2.5 years old but JFK was killed. Yet, being the youngest of 5 children of parents who went to World War II, it seemed the “presence” of the JFK assinination, as well as those of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, was instilled upon me in my youth. This was driven home to me some 15 or 20 years later, when I was cleaning a closet in my Mother’s house. My Mom felt this event was so important, that she saved the newspapers from those tragic days for us to read when we were old enough to understand.

Nat, I was a baby. Thanks for making me feel young today!

I was born Nov 24th,1963. That is the day Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby when he was being moved to the county jail.
I did watch a show about JFK the other day and I have always had a huge interest because of my birthday being a couple days later.

I was in my third grade classroom (I guess Mary and I are the same age) when our principal, with tears streaming down her face, came into the room to tell us that President Kennedy had been killed.

When JFK was killed I was 14 months old in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The weird thing is, I seem to have memories of the event. I do know that I have early memories from other things, and I don’t know if I just remember TV coverage from the following year, but I do remember a line of people filing past the eternal flame.

I was still developing in me mom’s wittle womb. I don’t think I remember anything personal about it other than a flood of stuff coming into my umbilical arteries that day.