Whew! Wind outta my sails!

I applied near the deadline, but made it, and waited for my AMCAS app to get processed. It took two weeks, and shortly after, I started getting requests for secondaries. Late last night, DH told me there was a secondary request e-mail from USC. Yippie, I’m thinking, but when I got on the website today, it said that the deadline for submitting the secondary was YESTERDAY. There was a page with all the deadlines laid out, but this information wasn’t available on their other webpages that I accessed when considering this school. This all seems sort of slimy. Is there anything I can do? (Root for UCLA to win the big game??)

I would call them and explain the situation. I bet they’ll make an exception, since they didn’t really give you time to fill it out before the deadline. Good luck!

Assemble all of the data points that you’ve encountered: 1, the e-mail inviting you to submit a secondary (date stamp?); 2, the various web pages you checked; 3, the web page they referred you to when they sent you the e-mail asking you to submit a secondary.
If you can show that they invited you to submit a secondary after the date on the webpage they directed you to, then you certainly would seem to have an argument. Mind you, don’t expect to WIN the argument as I honestly think it’s unlikely they’re going to capitulate on this one. But it’s certainly worth presenting if, once you assemble your timeline, you can show that they invited you to do something that was impossible.
This is something where you’ll want to CALL as soon as their office opens Monday morning, with all your facts at hand.

It was on the same day, but I didn’t get onto the website until the day after, but I am going to try to call them on Monday anyway. The thing is, I am not really ready yet, with only a few of my LOR people having sent their letters and Interfolio not recording their arrival yet. I have decided to focus on the two schools who sent secondary requests that I know I am firm with the reqs., and see how I do this year. I don’t think I will even try for DO schools this year, and concentrate on the two secondaries right before me. (Kirksville’s deadline is the end of Dec!) USC was kind of appealing because I already have all the prereqs, and so many of my “board of directors” wanted me to go there. Thank you all for your support!

Well, the wind is back! I e-mailed them and they gave me another deadline, just like that! The check is in the mail (and all the other stuff downloaded, etc.) Thanx all!