Which Medical Schools Open to 40+ Old Applicants?


I think you should be able to find residency requirements at all of the various school’s websites. Some have less strict requirements to establish, some more.

Here’s a link to Michigan State’s description of residency. http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/Notices/Reside ncy.as…

Hope this helps.

Would appear since you last filed taxes for NJ, you are a resident of that state. The only question I would have there is whether they were filed jointly or not (rhetorical question for you, I don’t really want to know that kind of private information). Are you a CPA?

In my former life I traveled and lived in and out of the great state of MN, and the US as a whole, for the better part of seven years.

Minnesota is where I paid taxes and claimed residency no matter what continent my head actually slept on.

(/shameless plug for Golden Gophers!)

Thanks Geoff and JKP.

I am not a CPA, but I do have some understanding of accounting and taxes. The link to the Michigan State definition is a case in point on how this subject can be confusing - Michigan State does not look to where taxes were filed, or where one has a drivers license or voter registration card (all of which are deemed insufficient to establish residence). Rather, they base their test upon full time employment in the state.

I will look through the websites of schools in the relevant states to see how they define residency.

Thanks again


Apply where YOU want to, there is nothing to be gained in thinking/asking which school will take X or Y aged individual. There are non-traditional students pretty much in every medical school maybe for the exception of those that are direct admission via 2-year undergrad from HS. First, look at the MSAR and for YOUR stats select schools within YOUR range. Then dwindle down your list based on location, and what the medical school stands for. Apply to as MANY as you can afford and ONLY apply to those schools that IF that was your only acceptance you would GO TO.


I applaud your strong stats…I am 39 as well and would kill for numbers like yours. I feel my application is very strong, but, my numbers are average…So, Im praying that my accomplishments out shines my scores…As far as, schools I am applying to every school in TX, praying that my age would not be a limiting factor.

Best wishes on your journey…


I am a 45 year old Arizona resident and I am limited to the medical schools that I can apply to simply because I have a family and moving elsewhere is not an option for me. I am looking to apply at ASU and NWU here in the Phoenix area plus I need to complete my pre-reqs which means I won’t be able to enter med school until the 2012/2013 year. I know that I will need to b very well prepared considering my limited options. That being said, if accepted, I wouldn’t graduate until 2017 plus residency on top of that. Graduation would be 8 years away making me 53. It sounds like an eternity. Any feedback would be appreciated.

So, Jerilyn, how old are you going to be in 8 years anyway?

If you take each and every point in this journey, and find some enjoyment of it, before you know it…you’ll get there…but don’t rush it.

For example, I know I have 2 years before I even can start medical school at the very earliest, then I have the 4 years of med school, then 3 - 4 years of residency and then possibly a fellowship of a few years, so what? I’m planning on enjoying each and every step that I am taking including my upcoming semester of organic chemistry and physic…hoorah!

Don’t think too much about tomorrow. It’ll come with its own surprises.

You are absolutely right. I am just beginning this journey and even this part of it has been enjoyable. I meet with admit counselers next week for my pre-meds. There’s just been so much to think about. I will take your advice and experience this journey one day at a time.

Linda Wilson, DO, is just beginning her residency at an age um, er, [Linda…do you share this information?], at least older than you will be, I think.



I do share it, Judy, and quite willingly. I am (if you use actual dates) 58 years old and will be 61 when I finish residency. (But if you use my unbirthdays, I am only 42, and will be 41 when I’m done)