Which TV Doc is/was your inspiration?

Myself, I found myself enthralled by MASH. This TV series truly influenced me in heading toward medicine. I loved, and still admire, Hawkeye Pierce's dark, sardonic but insightful sense of humor…and his passionate devotion to his patients was incredible.
Were I to be able to convey to my patients the same sense of conviction and devotion to their welfare, I would consider myself a success.
Nat has graciously pointed out that I remind her of Elliot Gould's portrayal of Trapper John in the orginal M
ASH movie. In the movie, the Trapper character is more the wise-ass than Hawkeye…the two seem to have reversed rolls b/t the movie and the series. I take Nat's observation as a complement and with great pride! ####, I was so moved, I went out and purchased a copy of the movie on DVD for it!
This has been a fun topic on the list-serve…let's bring it here for fun and posterity!

If I had to pick one, I would say Doug Ross of ER. Ross’ character is sort of like me, interested in caring for kids and not following all the “rules” to get there.
I think the episode where he did a rapid detox on a baby with post partum withdrawl is indicative of something I might do when I felt there was no other alternative. Fortunately, I do realize that you can do that by getting a second Doc to sign off with you in remanding care away from a drug addicted mother. Or something to that effect legally.
John Carter is lost. He is hopelessly looking to get laid FT.
Dr. Romano, I hated this guy early, but he has evolved as a person in the show. I kinda like him now. Attitude with a heart once in awhile.
I loved the old “Emergency” series, that “give me the epinephrine push stat!” line was so overused it became hysterical. Once they called for it when a pt was in a diabetic coma!! LMAO

I can't say who was an inspiration, but as far as Dr. Romano -he's one of my favorites. An attitude the size of Texas, but the skills to back it up. Similar to Dr. Benton - again, cocky and arrogant, but with the goods to back it up.

I really liked the doctors on Chicago Hope.

Me too. I like the Chicago Hope element where an Orthopedic surgeon did heart transplants!! Nothing like getting into your specialty I say!!
They could have just hired additional actors for crying out loud. I think they had a neurosurgeon one time assist on a plastics case. Geez, nothing like reality TV huh?
I did like the characters.
Mandy Patinkin was my favorite.

Hey there,
I think JP is definitely a Doug Ross, M.D. type. I actually had that exact thought when I first met him in person. He has an instant emotional contact that will be invaluable as a physician. Hey JP, remember this when you are interviewing! :D
I am definitely a Jeffery Geiger, M.D. or Mark Craig, M.D. type. I am the quirky, emotionally immature but technically skilled surgeon. Even at this stage, most of my emotion and energy goes into my career. I know that Steve, my fiance, has really suffered at times because of this. I am flawed but I am a work in progress. :)
Dave is Trapper John from the originial movie M.A.S.H. I especially remember the scene when he first meets Hawkeye over a martini and drops a couple of olives. I had the pleasure of sitting around a tray of food and drinking a couple of alcohol-laden Kamakaze drinks with Dave. He’s got the Trapper John routine down great! I will bet that he can be pretty funny in rounds too. Remember your sense of humor when you are in the OR wondering where to put your hands and the surgeons need a lighter moment!

I am also a huge ER fan, Although I am not sure I could say I strongly identify with one doctor over the other.I definitely have respect for the ones who have pulled out all the stops for the betterment of their patients, even when it means going up against Anspaugh and Romano, and not backing down no matter what. That's the kind of doctor I hope to be, although I also would like to be gainfully employed also!
I also like Chicago Hope , and catch the reruns now and then, but ER is definitely my fave.
Someone had mentioned about MASH… I think it was Oldmandave, Well Alan Alda was on ER a couple of years ago, he did an excellent job in his role as an ER doc, although it was shortlived. He was considered one of the founding fathers of emergency medicine and was the doctor everyone wanted to consult with. I hope that's me one day.
( I am also a big Alan Alda fan, although I did not really watch MASH)
I know a lot of people are really getting into that new show Scrubs, I have watched it a couple of times and I thought it was really moronic.

Thanks! I love your call…yep, I just watched the MAS*H movie the other day <like I said, after our recent conversation, I purchased a copy of it>///I can DEFINITELY see myself in Trapper's antics…Wendy agreed as well.
And, the most noble and valuable role for an olive is to reside in a martini – only problem is: I am a vodka martini drinker, very very very dry!

I might be showing a bit of age here (funny, I don’t feel old), but when I think of inspirational TV docs, the show “EMERGENCY” comes to mind. Drs. Brackett and Early always seemed so knowledgeable and cool even under the most dire of circumstances. I am sure that show had some sort of subtle influence on my career path…paramedic to doctor (hopefully&#33;)
"Send me a strip and transport as soon as possible." :D

If we want to show a little age, why not go back to Marcus Welby, M.D.? What a great example of a family doctor he was!