Who has experience?

Dear OPM’s,
I was going to take the April MCAT but have decided to wait till August. Should I still get my application out there come June 1st, as soon as possible? Or have I suddenly fallen behind the proverbial eight ball without those mcat scores on my app?

You should still shoot for mid-June at the latest to submit your application, to allow AMCAS time to lose and verify your transcripts, get secondaries sent from schools that don’t pre-screen, and generally have everything ready to go by the time your scores are reported in October.

By all means still send your application in early. Schools will put you on an MCAT hold and some will still send you their secondary so you will be in their system and that way once they get your scores they can call you for an interview

I agree with the other posts.
Last year I sent everything in early - application, transcripts, LOR, and then I took the Aug MCAT. I should have waited till the next year to take the MCAT since I was two courses short, but I just could not wait another year. Not only were the two classes needed for the MCAT, they were also prereqs. I ended up not doing very well on the MCAT, which caused a lot of schools to fall out, but I did get three acceptances and a number of waits - and I did not have to wait a year - another year away from work which I could not do.
Get everything in and the schools will just put your file in the incomplete stack. Once the MCAT score is in, your file is ready to be reviewed with no delays. Oh ya, then if you do get an acceptance, it will be on the condition that you complete any remaining prereqs (as was in my case).
Go for it GM and good luck.

In fact based on one OPM’s experience several years ago, I think at least some schools may review your file even without the MCAT and make a preliminary decision about whether they’d like to interview you, depending on your MCATs. The guy I’m thinking of (I’m blanking on his name, he should be graduating this year as well but hasn’t been on OPM since we started med school) got a couple of interview invites within a WEEK of the MCAT scores coming out. I just have to think that his app had already been “triaged.”

When I applied the first time I did get an interview offer before my scores came in, but they were based on my first MCAT I guess. But that score stunk, so I think it was based on my overall application.