Who is the oldest person accepted to med school?

Hello OldPreMeds. I’ve been searching the Internet for an answer to this question, but can’t find one. The best I can find is a D.O. who graduated at the age of 61. Does anyone know of anyone accepted at say the age of 60? Realistically, how old is too old? At what age does the dream become unattainable? Thanks, Scott

The person who interviewed me for my Post Baccalaureate Program cited a gentleman who was accepted at the Med School at age 63 - and completed, even though he graduated late, having lost a semester to broken hip.

That’s a relief to know! But, will the age be viewed negatively by adcoms?

Dewpite all the scholatic aptitude, motivation and capability? Has anyone been told or has heard of someone being told if such an issue?

Just playing devil’s advocate…