Who's the oldest premed you know?

I’m worried that it could be me at 46.

No it’s not. I have seen late 50’s. So relax, your a young pup…:slight_smile:

I just turned 50 years young last week. Also, there’s a guy I knew in ChemII who’s 60 and working on it!

Haha. I am the oldest I know at 32 yoa. However, I know that they are out there, lurking.

in 6 days, 45… ped onc focus.

My school just graduated a 51 year old who just got into med school this year!

One of the OPM members graduated at 54. I know of a 57 year old retired female police officer who went to yale and the “famous” retired court judge who went to medical school at the ripe old age of 62.

Btw if you are 46 and you go to medical school and graduate you’ll be 4 years older. If you don’t go to medical school, you will still be 4 years older. In demographic terms, from the in-group perspective (ie yourself) your rate of aging is a constant that is unrelated to medical school acceptance or completion. And any social or natural science student would tell you that it should be removed from this equation.

There is nothing you can do to change your aging and therefore if you want this for yourself, then simply ignore completely any question, concern, or issue with age. there is nothing you can do about it expect waste time, energy and resources worrying about something you can’t change


Your wisdom is priceless my friend! I always like reading the age quote! No matter what people, you will be older with or without going for it…Gotta love it! I never get tired of reading that…

I just visited with my family practice physician, told her my plans…she was very positive and said I should go for it! (I’m 34)

She also informed me that when she was in medical school, there was a man that was 44, and was going into neuro surgery!

Go for it!

Ditto what Maddux said. Gonnif’s words of wisdom are always so inspiring to me. Thanks for keeping them coming!