Will I survive my kids?

to kill me. :D
I seem to be working harder and harder to keep up with them. Today I went with Deb + kids to the Y to do the Sports Fitness Workout class we always do to kill ourselves, the kids went to the Discovery class and went on their merry way. Halfway thru they get done, normally they just sit and wait for us to get done.
Today they decide to do wind sprints with us and while already sweaty and dirty from the Discovery class, they kept almost outrunning the old man.
Dave, yer gonna die my friend. This child will be a super human kid. They are getting worse as time goes by. No stop in their vocabulary. (CRASH!!!) :p

Quote (futrfysician @ July 18 2002 10:43 pm)
No stop in their vocabulary.


That's how healthy kids are supposed to be. :) Many kids aren't these days, because there are multiple social forces keeping them from being as active as they should be. Don't get me started, because I'll rant on all the things that are wrong in this culture with regard to children.
But it sounds like you and your spouse are doing the right things with your kids, and that's wonderful!

Well, maybe, but IF I am doing teh “right thing”, then why th heck are my legs killing me this morning? I can barely walk, and then my early rising wife gets up and says the words no husband wants to hear at 6:45 am:
"Honey, they are having a garage sale down the street and I found…"
That is the death nell to every husband on the planet…

:D :D :D
when I first saw this subject I thought "oh no - another trip to the ER for JP?"
but it is only DOMS - the plague of our generation - we're having a telethon next week -

Call me a moronicus, but what is DOMS??

sorry -
DOMS=Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
that ache in the muscles that comes ~24-48 hrs after a workout, especially one that had alot of eccentric contractions. we think it comes from microscopic damage to the muscles and the responses thereto - it is definitely a different phenomenon than the “burn” often felt during the workout itself.


Be thankful your kids are running you ragged. You have seen me, not exactly Flo Jo, but I have more stamina than my kids, and I can't get them out of the house!! (All that unhealthy urban, apartment living I'm afraid)