Will Medical Schools consider course work completed 20 years ago?

I completed BS in Civil Engineering 1989. UGPA 2.5. I am considering returning to college for an undergraduate degree in Biology. Will medical schools include grades from over 20 years ago or base the decision on the new degree and MCAT scores?

Everything gets considered. A new degree will not get considered solely.

However, a personal statement can help push adcoms into viewing the newer grades in better light or so I’ve been told.

You are not alone in wondering this. There are many on here who have GPA’s such as yours, similar amount of time away from academics, and have been either accepted into med school, or are on a similar path/train of thought as you (me included).

When I was applying, the admissions office admitted that, yes, they would look at my old grades from 1987 but were more interested in current trends…as long as the trend was going up, it was generally ok…