Will my awful Community College grades haunt my University achievements? 29 year old LPN

So I’m a new grad LPN who graduated with a 3.47 National Technical honors at my local technical college, and I have decided to go back to school and pursue medicine…but saying I have an uphill battle is an understatement.

At my community college, I am enrolled in a Medical Pathway AA degree, with only three classes left to take with a guaranteed admission to my University as long as I maintain a 2.0 in that degree. This is where the problem comes into play.

My community college GPA is an abysmal 2.2. If I retake a couple classes and finish up my AA with straight A’s, I could bump it up to possibly a 2.5-2.6 before transfer to a University, and I have a number of Fs and Ds from old math classes (which I retook back in the day and got Cs) and an F in a human bio class, which I can retake. The majority of my classes are Cs, along with Micro and Anatomy that I took to try and get into the community colleges ADN Nursing program, which I was unable to do for obvious reasons being my Cs and GPA. So not only is my cumulative GPA a mess, my sGPA is worse.

I am a MUCH better student after my LPN program it’s almost like I’m a completely different person. I’ve figured it out. I know how to study. Once I transfer to my local four year university and even do stellar on all of my premed courses and upper division courses, would all that effort be for nothing if my community college grades come back to haunt me? Would an upward trend and a good MCAT score not matter? I hope to hear back from everyone.

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