With zero academic background, what don’t I see coming?

I’ve always been completely disconnected from academics. At grade 10 I left school to discover the world. Over 18 years things change, doors open, and now I’m 34 without a high school transcript and looking down the barrel at an MD.

I passed enough placement exams in December to get myself into a 2yr track of premed science courses and 30-credits of psychology at my local community college here on Vancouver Island, Canada. (Plan A is psychiatry; plan B is clinical psychology.) I’m trying to keep things local for as long as possible with my wife’s job, our 4 kids, and mortgage in mind.

The college is awesome, the people know me and are dedicated to helping me, but they graduate nurses and ecology majors, not premeds. They know nothing about the MCAT, med-school applications, or interviews—and neither do I.

What are the big unknowns? What are the big mistakes ahead? What should I be preparing for that’s not even on my radar? I realize the answers are limitless, but any $0.02 donations will help me gain perspective.