Work/Activities Section


I am a physical therapist (working for about 3 yrs) and I am trying to figure out the best way to fill in work activites section. Specifically 1) I have a lot of things i have done at work like give inservices, co-treat other therapists because of a specialty I have, act as a clinical instructor for PT students etc. Do I list this all under the same space? How much detail do I go into?

2) I feel like all of my “relevant” experiences are PT related, is there anywhere to discuss family and hobbies etc that gives a better picture of the whole person? Should this be included? To me someone that has the life experience of older non-traditional applicant (being married/ having a family/ owning a house/ traveling/exploring different hobbies etc ) is very different than someone just out of college. How do you include these aspects of your life?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I feel like my EC section looks empty with just work etc, but my days are certainly not empty, so how do I paint this picture?



I think VERY BRIEF descriptions under your work of the special tasks you do are appropriate. Think resume bullet points and have pity on the Adcom members who have to read hundreds of these.

If you have a very engaging and interesting hobby and you think people will want to ask you about it, sure, put it. Don’t give too much detail. Just a tiny taste.

Try to reflect your maturity and life experiences in your personal statement. Don’t include the general responsibilities of adult life in your work activities area. Remember, many of the adcom members have those sorts of responsibilities, too, and they (and you) will likely take them for granted. I hope this helps.