work and mcat studies.

I’m working full-time at a job that is starting to become a little more demanding than I expected. We have several new projects we are working on and it requires me to take my work home with me. I feel like it’s breaking my focus for studying for the mcat. I am close to resigning this job and look for a part-time job that is a less demanding so i can focus more of my time and energy on studying for the mcat coming up this April. How many of you are working full-time while preparing to take the MCAT this spring? and if so,does your job ever interfere with your studies? How did, or will you overcome this obstacle? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I was working full time while studying for the GRE when applying to grad school. I wish I hadn’t. I did not do badly but wished I could have had more time–ergo focus, to do better at the exam, that would have opened many more opportunities.

If possible, slow down a bit on the job side and give it all to your MCAT, as they say around here, you want to take it just once.

I’m working full time and going to class 4 nights a week…and I don’t feel like I can get ANY traction. I think I am going to bump my test date back to the May 19th exam, just to give me 3 solid extra weeks of nights with no class (we’ll be done with the semester) to get my head around content review.

I know you’re never supposed to feel completely ready–but I can also tell the difference between generalized anxiety because the exam is so important and an honest evaluation of my readiness.

It’s no picnic, that’s for sure. Good luck to you!

I also work fulltime and study for the MCAT, Mon-Fri till midnight. It is difficult and tiring. It is hard to switch my mind to work b/c I constantly think of the MCAT. I would say it is possible with enough WILL. I strongly recommend after work, NOT going home and going straight to your study location. Good luck.