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Can I work full-time while attending Medical School?

No way. I just can’t imagine. I know one woman who worked weekends while extending the first year over two years, but that is the most work I’ve seen anyone do.

Definitely not. Most people can’t even work part-time. Med school IS a full time job, and then some. Some people manage to work part-time, usually mostly over breaks, during first and second years. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone ever working during third year - third year hours are often in excess of 80 per week (Unlike residents who are limited to an average 80 hr workweek, there is no limit on the number of hours a med student can be required to be in the hospital). Fourth year might be doable for some part-time work hour-wise, but with applying and interviewing for residency, that could be tough as well.

It is assumed that you won’t be able to work while in professional school (med, dental, vet, law, optometry) and you are allowed to borrow loan money for living expenses.

The short answer is - NO.

You will invest 80 to 100+ hrs/week just succeeding in medical school. In the context of there being only 168 hrs in a week, I am uncertaion precisely you would fit in 40hrs of work & sleep & eating & time for self & others…you do the math.

  • Kimberly Seabrooks Said:
Can I work full-time while attending Medical School?

Just in case there is still any doubt, absolutely no way. Be prepared to take out loans, and lots of them, if you are serious about going to medical school. The vast majority of students do this.