working through pre med

Hello everyone and thankyou again for assisting in my questions.

I will need 36 credit hours for my bachelors. This is not including the pre meds I must take which is all of them. With that many credit hours to go, what kind of hours would I need to take per year? Had anyone continued to work during thus part of their education?

I hear that working full time and full time school is a recipe for disaster. My wife is ok with living very meager for be to go back to school. with my job and the lack of my particular job in this area my ability to work part time is virtualy zero. it is pretty much work full time or do not work at all. Leaning towards not working. What do you guys think?

Quarter hours or semester hours? Quarters are 12 weeks, semesters 16 weeks.

If you take a heavy full-time load of 18 hours, you will finish in two terms (quarters or semesters). If you take a light full-time load of 12 hours, you will finish in three terms. You then must add on any premed classes not included in those 36 hours.

If the above is in quarter hours and you go to school full time and don’t work, it sounds to me like you can probably finish up pretty easily within a year, depending on how much non-bachelors premed credit you need to take.

What is the maximum load a fulltime worker should take without putting his gpa in jeopardy? As of right now I must also do both bio’s, both a and p’s, both Chems and organic chems, and physics and I need to do calculus as well.

I just don’t see how I could work and accomplish those pre med courses AND the 36 hours for my bachelors.

Most agree with the formula of a minimum of 2 hours of homework/study per class hour for the highest grade possible.

At 18 hours/credits:

3 hours of classroom

3x2 hours for studying/homework=6 hours

total= 9 hours dedicated to school and homework daily.

At 12 hours/credits:

2 hours of classroom per day

2x2 hours for studying/homework = 4 hours

total=6 hours dedicated to school and homework daily.

That’s my formula. Next you have to decide where you will find that time in the day or on the weekend. I like to use my weekends for catch up. However, that just isn’t always possible based upon the instructor and assignments due dates.

In the end, you know how much time you have and need to dedicate to your classes.

This last quarter, no matter how much time I spent on a history lesson (reading or writing) I still managed to get an A-. So, I adjusted to spending less time on the reading and more time with the family. I could never get that instructor to give me details on how to improve my grade. I figure he had a reputation to maintain (hard grader).

I would love to hear about other people’s schedules and how much time in reality they need to study.