Hello everyone,
I’m a new member, and would like to say hello!
I’m 39 y/o, was a massage therapist working for an anathesiologist/pain doc for 11 years, and worked as a nusring assistant in hospitals(cardiology/telemetry,ED),hospice and assisted living for the past 5 years.
I have a 14 y/o BS, and have completed my pre-req’s, including the mcat. I had 2 bad consecutive semesters last year, due to work. I took some time, came back and got straight A’s for 2 consecutive quaters. I’m currently taking 9 credits of grad work, in the hopes to, “show my stuff”. In the hopes my “stuff” will show well.
I just wanted to know how may folks out here work while applying/aggregating requiments? Especially folks who have kids, or is a single parent like myself…thank you for your attention…anthony

Welcome Anthony!
Single mom of one 10 yr old girl here. Work full time and take prereqs part-time. Add it all up and sometimes it feels like 3 full time jobs I am not as far along in the process as you yet but alas, just as Dori says in Finding Nemo I am going to ‘keep on swimming, keep on swimming’.
How goes this process for you with your kiddo being 14? When you are in class do you hire a sitter? (just curious as that age is coming around the corner for me ALL too soon).
Anyway, welcome to this most excellent group of people and I wish you well!

My son is 4 y/o. Caring for him had been a challenge since his mother had made every attempt to undermine my medical plans. I know one thing, this is somthing I need to do for my son and myself. Reguardless of the trials, setbacks, number of attempts I know this will be good medicine for my son, and myself. Whenever things get a bit hairy my son and I sing Dori’s song too.
I just am having a difficult time working even 20 hrs a week and pulling A’s in 9 cr’s of grad work. Is this the norm, or am I just a light weight? I’ve read dave’s story, and read Mary’s too. I guess it is just doing what you have to, and prioritizing…well, thanks for the forum folks…anthony
ps any other experiences, suggestions, or known previous threads would be appreciated.

Hi Anthony, first off, hats off to you. Your son should be very proud of you.
Im not a single parent, although I used to be when in nursing school. I am married now, and raising 6 kids, my husband is gone a lot, I work on the weekends and it is really tough managing time, but so far I have maintained a 4.0 since returning back to school over 2.5 years ago. We will see what happens this semester, Im taking 11 credits 2 classes which are ochem and physics, the most credits I have taken since returning is 14. I dont care to do that again. I find it hard after going to school M-F, to work on the weekend, even if it is just one shift. It is hard, but Im making it, keep your chin up and keep fighting.

Welcome to OPM, Anthony!
I think that your motivation to create a better life for you and your son is admirable. I work full time in a job that requires a great deal of time and energy and making time for classes as well as my volunteer activities can be overwhelming. But, if you work hard and stay focused on the reasons that you are doing this, it becomes easier.
I have to admit that this experience has made me a water cooler wallflower since I don’t have time to keep up with the pop culture deluge delivered nightly by cable programming. But, ultimately, when I am sitting in class contemplating the stereochemistry of some alkane rather than watching the latest reality TV hit, it feels really good to know that I am doing something with my life, something difficult and challenging and rewarding.
I know it’s different when you factor in family. I am blessed by an understanding partner, but if I had a child, I know it would change the equation. I admire you and others for that, and I am sure one day so will your children.
The only advice I can offer is to leave some time for yourself that doesn’t include school or work or other obligations. Even if it’s just three hours late on a Friday night, you absolutely need that, and it does wonders for energizing you. Every now and then, I save one of my vacation days or personal days and divide it up over the year so I can take a mental health vacation from the office and from school. Sometimes, it is just a matter of leaving work a couple of hours early to catch a movie. Or sometimes, it is just having a nice, long, quiet breakfast on a Monday morning. Whatever it is, doing this a few times a year does wonders.
Good luck with everything!


Whenever things get a bit hairy my son and I sing Dori’s song too.

Sometimes she and I will watch it on a Friday night or such (yeah I know real party animal hehehhe) and it is that downtime that is so key… However then my brain starts drawing all the parallels between the movie & life and well refreshed I am then!!! I get so inspired by Marlin and his journey!!! Who knows when there will be a cool turtle in my future!
I think it makes it easier, for me, that my girl is older - different needs maybe? I know that if I could I’d drop down the work side and up the school side but for now its not possible. Some people find jobs they can do from home. Others borrow more loans. I suppose if you are not requiring alot to live on then that is fine - I am trying to pay down some thing so I can be that poor church mouse in medical school. One thing happens though, this process really is making me realize just how much time I wasted on things that got me nowhere. If my daughter did not give me the cliffs notes on hip stuff I’d be in big trouble a the water cooler.