Worried about my grades

Saw some advice about shooting higher than C’s, and completely agree - but wonder what the likelihood of med school acceptance is with a mix of As and Bs? I’m at the beginning of my pre reqs and working very hard (I was a straight humanities major as an undergrad, for a reason) and if I can get half A’s and half B’s I’ll be happy, personally – these are tough classes! I guess I just wonder what schools think of that. Any feedback?

I don’t know the answer to your question but I just wanted to give you a little encouragement. I was a science undergrad and I agree that those classes are hard!

What type of GPA are you working with right now?

marypat –

Couple of things:

  1. Call the schools you’re interested in and ask to speak to an admissions person for some advice. Some schools have ‘formal’ admissions advisors and others don’t. I know at TCOM in Ft. Worth, one of the admissions staff held my hand and walked me through the admissions process. She advised me as to what classes to take when I had questions and that sort of thing. It’s worth a shot.

  2. I had a spotty record (something like 3 or 4 F’s in some post-bacc/grad level classes in computers) also. I had to explain what happened on my transcript. I was also advised by the person in #1 that what the ADCOM was looking for was improvement…so I nailed straight A’s in the prereqs I had to take…and yes, I did those at a community college.

  3. Yes, I agree – the classes are hard and you’ll probably only use the biology, portions (miniscule) of the chemistry and some of the biochem in medical school…but it’s the flaming hoop in front of you so ya gotta jump through it…

  4. Take heart - if someone as unqualified as I was can get accepted, graduate, and hit their first choice in a fantastic, world class residency program - you can too…

To the OP: do not go into this expecting to do “OK.” Go into it expecting to kick serious butt and knock your coursework out of the park - regardless of what your past experience has been. Don’t ask “how low can I go and still get in?” Ask, “How can I do my very best?”

Good luck,