WOW ! One semester over! now i do

I can’t believe the semester is over and the new one about to begin! It was so fast! We start back on Monday, and its Neuroanatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. WHEW!! What is so funny, is I’m READY to go back to class!! The break was nice, sleeping in, seeing the blooming countryside, etc. I’m a bit envious of Joe and family packing up and getting ready to go back to the US and into clinicals, but it also seems like just yesterday that we were at the Dallas OldPreMed conference and neither of us were in medical school yet. Time flies when you’re having fun!!!

Just wait! The time really flies by. You’ll be back in the good old states before you know it.
Good luck with your upcoming semester!

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy! As Linda mentions, it only moves faster the further you go…and your first day as an intern will be terrifyingly close before you know it. It is a very odd feeling looking into the eyes of your medical student charges knowing the expect you to know the answers to their questions since YOU are a DOCTOR. Little do they realize that you were wearing their shoes only a few weeks prior!
By the way, did you ever make it to the Arkansas Cafe & Bubba’s Bar-b-que? I am dying to know how good it was & how astounded Bubba was to learn that another Arkie was there! Did ya tell him how you learned of his eating establishment?