Wow, this place is a breath of fresh air!

This is a nice break for SDN to say the least…lol I didn’t even know about OPM and gee coming over here I don’t feel so stupid, old or inadequate as I did over on SDN.
I have been tinkering with the idea of going to medical school for about a year now. I first started back to college with an interest in Nursing (figuring I was just to old and stupid to be a physician) but along the way I have been making really good grades and falling more and more in love with the medical side of thing (which at first I thought Nursing was medicine). My first class back was Anatomy w/lab and I just loved it and made my first A, next semester I have Physio w/lab and made another A. Started thinking I wasn’t so stupid after all.
I am 30 years old, married for 9 years, have 2 children (both girls, ages 2 and 6) and I also homeschool and I am a full time college student as well. We live in Oklahoma City.
I first went to college when I was 17 and decided it was stupid and I had no need for college and just left…didn’t bother to withdraw from my classes or anything and now have 2 F’s on my transcript leaving me with a GPA of 1.5 I think was what it was. I have kicked butt since then and have slllooowwwlllyyy brought my GPA up to a 3.2 currently, I am confident I can get it to at least a 3.5 in the next year or so.
Anyways, it is GREAT to be here and even better to be in like company

Welcome. You’re young yet, from my perspective (I’m 40 and still working on pre-reqs). Old Man Dave had nearly a whole bachelor’s worth of bad grades to live down; you’re in pretty good shape if you can get your cumulative gpa up to 3.5.
Hang in there and stop by anytime. I’ve gotten a lot of support here.

You can certainly do this. It is probably easier than homeschooling .
This is a wonderful place.
Good luck,

Welcome to OPM! Many of us had the early 20s “stupids” myself included. Thankfully it was just 2 early F’s and not more, so you are likely in very good shape! I am 41, 3 kids, many early bad grades, didn’t make it in the US for this application cycle, so going overseas in a month to start med school in the UK! But now I’m close to you in Dallas, Texas! GOod luck!


If you think the place is rocking now, wait until me and Geoff and Dave get together with a few beers under our belts.

Hi Marilyn,
Welcome to OPM. It is a great place to come. Good luck on your journey!!!