Yahoo! Done with second year!!

It’s just sinking in - the last exam was this morning - I’ve finished second year. After 20 years of waiting and thinking I would never go to med school, I got here, made it through 2 years, and passed everything.
Now on to the celebration!
Thanks to all of you who helped make this dream real and provided support along the way. I clearly remember finding OPM way back in December 2002 and thinking, oh my god, there really are other people who go to med school in their 40s, I’m not the only one.

Excellent - congrats!

Congrats! can’t wait till my dance with the USLME too!

WTG, meowmix.

No you’re not alone, and I’m 43, and in August will be ready to take Step 1 as well. I can’t believe it most of the time either!! Best of luck as you continue.

Congratulations to everyone finishing second year! It is a BIG achievement. Third year will be challenging, but you’ll be doing what we OPMs have waited for a long time. Good luck on Step I!

Congrats. I just made it thru MSI and looking forward to being in your shoes.


WOO HOO!! Congratulations, my final is Friday and I’m right behind you!!!

Congratulations MeowMix. How does it feel to be hitting the wards?

So far I’ve finished surgery and started my neuro rotation.

Third year is just as promised - much much better than first and second! It’s great to be working with real patients, and finally using and integrating the stuff we learned on paper. (Although we see patients one afternoon per week in first and second year, this is much more intense and interesting.) I love it! And I passed Step 1, even better!