Hello, I had posted on this forum a year ago… I’ve come back now as I am applying this year. I was wondering if any non-trads without recent research experience but solid grades and mcat have applied/interviewd/accepted to Yale. (My research and publication is 10 yr old in grad school ) From the website, Yale seems like a non-trad friendly school but it is also research oriented. Does it mean non-research people dont have to bother applying? Thanks!

I don’t know the specific answer to your question, but that never stops me from saying something so I will respond with:
Go ahead and apply. What do you have to lose? (Okay, some time doing the secondary and some $$) It’s really hard for any of us on the outside to predict what a school is going to be looking for in its applicants. You won’t know unless you try - I certainly think it’s worth a shot.

During my application year for entry in 2004 I applied to Yale, received interview went and waitlisted which I promptly withdrew from on October 15th once I was accepted at my top choice. I did have recent research with one pub. To tell you the truth I was not so impressed with Yale but that is my take. Have no idea what would have happened if I had stayed on the w/l…

Thanks, Mary and efex. Efex, just curious, what about Yale did you not like? I’d be interested to know your opinion. It does seem a tad too flexible in its curriculum… with minimal teaching and no grades, I wonder how students perform in the boards…Any ideas?

Well, that for one was a concern although the students seem to do fine (not sure of the average board score) but to me that was just too laid back. I do enjoy self-learning and I am motivated but that is going overboard for me. Also, the school was good but not that good. I mean I was expecting the clouds to part from what folks always rave about Yale but none of that happened I found other schools much more scholarly than Yale. The students were great but it was too “laissez faire” for me and there is a lot of raving about Yale this and Yale that. I think maybe some of the top fives are this way but Wash U (a top five) was not like that at all raving about themselves…so go figure.

Hi there,
Yale being a research-oriented school does NOT preclude non-research applicants. Most of the research is not done by medical students but you probably can participate in some of the research projects if you are interested during the summer between your first and second year.
There are no schools that specifically refuse to accept non-traditional students. Apply to the schools where you believe you will be a good fit and can do well. If Yale turns out to be the best school for you, then apply. There are no age restrictions in application to medical school.
Good luck

Thank you all! I might just apply and see as you said, nothing lost!