Yeah me!!!

After almost 20 years away from academia I had my first test today in my Government class. (taking a wintermester course)

Happy to say I scored 101.2%

Now, I just have to get ready for the final on Friday and my first course will be history!

Congratulations! Which history class are you going to take?

Great job!

Thanks for the support.

Actually, I was meaning my first class will be history, as in the past.

But, being in Texas there is a History requirement, so when I do take history, it will be US and Texas history.

I will take that either for the “Maymester” or one of the two summer sessions.

It’s official. First class is done. I got an A!!!

That is the first “A” I have received since I believe my junior year in H.S., might even be since my Soph year.

Very excited. What a way to start this journey!