Yes i'm crazy

Well here we go I’m a 27 year old AA female with a boyfriend and a baby on the way. I have 3 other children from my ex husband. I spent a lot of time working and dealing with personal issues. Well my gpa dropped from a 3.5 to a 2.1 Ouch and I was only planning an English degree. Well my brother has kidney disease and my mom died early from her own issues. I want to ideally go into psychiatry if I were to get in anywhere. So I want to try the impossible I have a 2.1 gpa and still around 50 credits left in my English major. I attend a distance learning program so I can’t take these courses on the campus. I was thinking take some science courses at a CC and try to bring my grades up by retaking what I can and see where it would take me. Then study for the MCAT provided my gpa gets to where I need it to go. I’m confident I can get it to at least a 3.0 not sure how much more than that because I’m already half done. I still have time but not a whole lot it really sucks to suddenly become passionate about something late in life. So how crazy am I ?

You are crazy!!! Heck, we are all crazy! If anyone has the courage to tell you that something is impossible, they shouldn’t be giving you advice in the first place. It seems as if you are just beginning your pre-reqs, so, take a couple of science courses at a CC, and get acclimated. As an English major, it may take some time to adjust your mind in the sciences, but maybe not.

It’s easy to wish, but it’s more of a challenge to follow through. From your story, it seems as if you will be having your hands full with the little ones around the house, so what?! Bottom line, converse with your loved ones, and make a plan. There are a lot of courses that you will be taking, but they will fly right on by, I promise you :). You have a unique story, and if you believe that what you have gone through will aid in your aspirations of being great physician, I say go for it.

My personal advice… speak with a counselor at your CC, and discuss your academic game plan. At the least, you will need to take:

1 year- General Chemistry + Lab

1 year- Organic Chemistry + Lab

1 year- General Physics + Lab

1 year Biology + Lab

Of course, you can take these courses in conjunction with your major English courses that you have remaining. Whats in the past, is in the past. Remain positive, and talk to your loved ones about your thoughts, because in the end, your decisions will influence the lives of the ones you care for.

God bless, and best of luck in your aspirations


Thanks and I only have one on the way the other 3 live with the ex ;/

I admit I’m very scared of these science courses.

Stop right there! You should not enter this being afraid of the science courses. Kids, 18 year olds, are taking these courses, so they are not that big of a deal. The bigger you make these courses the more difficult they will become. Do not do that to yourself. I’m not a physician now because of beginning with that fearful mindset. Just let it go. The best advice I received for when I do start med school and they recommended I start in the prereqs is to have a macho attitude. A year of BIo…no sweat. A year of Organic…nothing but a thang…Physics? I love Physics!" Eventually you’ll start owning that attitude and the material will also begin to click. One cannot learn in a fearful, uncertain, doubtful state.

And yes, you are crazy, we all are. This is the second craziest thing one can do. The first? Having the dream of being a physician haunt you and trying to fill it with anything else.

Look into and that will settle your fears. There are also plenty of videos on YouTube. Take a gander at that and you’ll see all these courses are a joke.

Final thought, I would invest in the MSAR catalog because I believe the prereqs have increased because of the new MCAT. I know some schools have Biochem as mandatory now, so just look into the MSAR to make sure you’re taking what you need.