Yet another intro

Hi all,
I have been lurking on here for a while, and I just love reading all the posts. I am very impressed by the support there is here, so I am going to tap into all that!
I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember… Dad a DO (then sister, then brother). Organic and Cell bio derailed me in college (I think it was a shock to the system for me not to sail through a class without studying much!) and I ended up with a BA in psych (fun stuff!!). Married, worked as a campus minister, has son number one. Moved to the UK (hubby is British) lived there for 6 years, had two more sons, worked as a ESL teacher. Moved back to the US to be with my mom who has breast cancer. Started planning my premed work and guess what?? Had son number four and I thought that was IT, I would absolutely never be able to entertain the premed fantasies again. blink.gif
Started the prereqs for nursing and I LOVED all the science.
Well, I think hubby was impressed that I could get A’s while pregnant and looking after three boys, so he has been my main cheerleader in this whole endeavor.
SO, here I am, mother of four sons (11-9months), thinking about starting the prereqs I need to get into med school. It will take me a few years, and though I panic that time is running out (I am 37), I am VERY encouraged by all of you who did this.
Do any of you other premeds wake up in the morning wondering if you are completely nuts to want to put yourself, spouse, kids through all this?? I have told about four people (family and one friend). I told a few more people before I had my fourth son, and I was not pleased with the results, so I think I will wait and share this only with those who are going to be supportive.
Well, this is long enough, thanks for listening!!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
Glad to have you as a member of our site. No, you are not alone thinking you are CRAZY for wanting to pursue this awesome challenge. I am also 37 with 3 children. Everyday I tell myself I am not alone in this journey.
I have only shared my dream with my husband, my 3 children and maybe 2 other people. My premed counselor told me to prepare myself for the negative feedback I would get from people. I am therefore skeptical about whom I choose to tell about my dream.
You are blessed to have a husband who is in your corner. Cherish and honor him everyday because you will need him to support you both mentally and physically.
Good Luck and again Welcome to OPM. smile.gif

Welcome, Lizard!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I know I am lucky to have a husband who is behind me 100%. He has really had to step up to the plate with the boys already, and he is learning how to be a more involved Dad (this is healthy for all of us… ) It can be a shock though, to suddenly find yourself with three boys playing soccer on a Saturday (some at the same time in different towns), try to coach a game and keep a baby happy and fed!! He knows he can do it, and the learning curve is pretty steep. There has been an interesting power shift in our relationship (another whole subject maybe??). I haven't even really told the boys, only my 11 year old. The time scale is too much for them…

Welcome! You are not alone. I am 37 years old and taking courses to prepare for the MCAT. You will find lots of support here. Sounds like you’ve got great support at home. I think the point you made about sharing your plan only with those who will be supportive is wise. It is amazing how many people respond negatively. “Are you crazy?” Why would you want to do that?" etc. Only you know what is right for you and your family.
I look forward to following your progress. rolleyes.gif

Welcome to OPM! Good luck on your journey into medicine. That’s awesome that your husband is so supportive. biggrin.gif

Welcome Aboard!!! biggrin.gif

Welcome! It sounds like you have a wonderful, supportive family to help you reach your goal…M.D. or D.O. We can all do it!

Thanks! Well, I can see I have given my dh quite a reputation! He has good intentions (as do I), but I am sure it will not be all roses. The kids are going to have the toughest time I think… my 11yo was complaining when I had to study and he wanted me to take him back to school to collect something he forgot… laugh.gif “This is just the beginning my dear!” I was tempted to say. He is also balking at doing his own laundry and mowing the lawn (perfectly reasonable chores for any kid his age). He will be more self-sufficient eventually… blink.gif

think of the nights when you can sit down together and all of you do your homework smile.gif
the time is the time however you need to spend it -
on a related note, I remember one or more dad’s here talking about reading their Ochem flashcards while cheering one or more children at a game or practice.

I got a lot of strange responses when I told people what I am doing. Don't listen to the naysayers! My mother has only recently stopped calling me daily with other things I should do.

Welcome and congrats on having such an understanding DH. Mine has been supportive or I would have never started. I’m 41, 3 kids, ages 6,11,20, and will graduate December and have my apps in this cycle! This is the greatest group ever! biggrin.gif

Welcome Liz. Glad to have another one added to our ranks!

Your introdution post is very encouraging. Getting into medical school is a long haul, especially for applicants with families and other responsibilities.
But it is a haul well worth the effort. Don't let minor shortcomings derail
your dream. Every year, thousands of people get into med school from all walks of life; I'm sure, with perseverence and effort, someday you'll be one of them.

Hey folks, thanks! I feel very welcome…and this is certainly one place that I don’t feel too out of place. Had another encouraging chat with my fp today (asks me how my plans are coming every time I bring a kid in!!)
I can relate to the flashcard while at game thing, when I was in micro last year I was memorizing bacteria while at games. It is hard since I am not used to being “unfriendly” at these events… This semester I am staying in the car with my EMT books while the boys practice…
It is a challenge finding the time to study in the midst of family life, but there are so many great stories on this web site… I am willing to try lots of the suggestions here.
Calvin; I love the mother thing… mine has lots of ideas for me… but she is generally supportive of my dream. In fact I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. “Do you think you could be finished in ten years? Then I think you should GO FOR IT!” She does have the Grandma perspective however, and she is very concerned that the boys are not harmed in any way by this process. That is helpful on the whole since I can get OBSESSED by this whole thing, desperate to finish the prereqs, tick tock. But sees it all from a different place.
Kahkeetsee; I think I will be 39 (no, maybe 40) when I finish up and apply. It seems so old (but doesn’t feel that way at all). My fp was saying that it is the process that is important. The whole learning thing should be enjoyable. That makes lots of sense to me.