Yet another post on GPA


I graduated from a famous place in social sciences with a 3.98. I didn’t take many science courses, however.

I worked for a year and did some post bac math work for 2 years. The school didn’t offer housing for several months, I ran out of money, got hit by a car, almost died, etc. It was the worst experience of my life.

My grades for the math there suffered–around 2.9. When I added up my grades from the good program for this, I found that my math gpa was 3.18.

Before reading the requirements about submitting all transcripts, I honestly thought about leaving this out because so much happened that its absurd, most of the math isn’t relevant at all and it was several years ago. Obviously, I’m not going to do that now that I understand that there is an absolute requirement to submit all.

I haven’t taken the other requirements for med school yet but in reading about gpa reporting, I am feeling very negative about being competitive. Given that there are 43 units that form the basis for my bad math grades, I would have to take 90 units with all A’s to get to a 3.73…

It also seems that these grades would fall under ‘postbac’ and thus be mixed with my new grades from the postbac program much later, no?

A lot of people have posted about how to make up bad grades during their undergrad years. I think that maybe is a better situation. In my situation, I did very well in undergrad, then went off and did something that went poorly.

I haven’t read anything from people about how to manage something like this…

I’m honestly wondering if it makes sense to try a post bac program, given this…

What’s in the past is already done and all you can do now is move forward. Your GPA certainly does not preclude you from getting into medical school, although likely will preclude you from certain schools (for others who may have outstanding GPA’s, other experiences in their lives may preclude them from the same or different schools).

You will have an opportunity to explain the math grades in your personal statement.

If this is truly something you want, then my advice would be to go for it. (Just my two cents!)