Yup, I'm middle-aged!

My physics class today got into constant rotational motion, and of course the professor introduced the standard dimensions, like period and frequency. I can’t remember the example she gave for frequency, but I remember thinking, “Why doesn’t she just use 33rpm LPs as an example?”

In my defense, it only took a second for me to realize most of the students were not old enough to remember when people routinely bought vinyl records.

The other night in lab, I was talking about Gilda Radner…I can’t even remember why. Everyone said, “Who?” No one knew about her!
Oh, now I remember- I was comparing the cross section of an umbilical cord (mucous connective tissue) to Mr. Bill’s surprised “O” face. No one knew who Mr. Bill was, so I referred to Saturday Night Live back in the Gilda Radner days.

Back when I was a resp terrorist, I used to frequently use the analogy of ET’s finger to get kids to relax & accept the glowing pulse ox probe on their fingers. I knew I was beginning to get old when they kids no longer had a freakin clue as to who ET was! Of course, w/ the 20th anniv re-release of the movie - Jesus, am I that old? - more kids know who ET is…

That’s funny…I say the same things to patients when I am putting on or taking off the pulse-ox
PS- I LOVED my anesthesia rotation!!

Me too…anyone else remember the time when using a calculator on an exam, especially the ACT/SAT’s was considered cheating? The kids in my calculus class thought I was joking.

Oh, yes, I remember. There was actually a brief moment when I flipped through my new Physics book and wondered where the trig tables were.