17 episodes in and no Black Physicians on eShadowing

It’s difficult enough to live in an area where there are NO black female primary care physicians, but to see the content put out on Meded Media week after week with no Black physicians is also quite discouraging, especially with the celebration of MLK Day yesterday.

Can we get a little more representation?



Hey! I can definitely understand your pain. We’re building a community that focuses on diversity and representation in medicine. Come check us out at gogaba.co :grinning:

Medicine has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with your ability to help and provide care for patients.

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@BronsenB. Okay pal. Hopefully you’ll be fortunate enough to have an authentic experience about why lack of representation in medicine is an issue. Take care.

I agree. I say this as a Hispanic POC who’s family is from Mexico, worked in the fields, and I went to school where there weren’t many people who looked like me or were even of my race. Race has nothing to do with success, it has to do with 2 things: humility, discipline.

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@Jordan_L I see you’re a little confused too. I’m confident you’ll learn as well. Take care.