18inches counting!

Well, this is New England’s first Nor’easter in several years & it is a doozy! At this point, 21:01, we’ve broached 18inches…closing in on 2ft & are predicted to get another foot or so overnight. If that holds true, our storm total will be abour 3ft! Guess who’ll be behind a snowblower tomorrow?

It is also Dillon’s 4th b-day; so I’ve promised her we’d go snowshoeing too. So, it will not be all work & no fun.

I feel for you, Dave. I’m dealing with the weather up there more indirectly. My sister and her son having been sitting on the tarmack (sp?) at JFK for hours waiting to take off. Right now the earliest that they would make it to Tampa is 1:24 am, assuming that they finally made it off the ground. Part of me would like to complain that I’ve already worked a 12 hour shift and having to stay awake to pick them up is tough…but just the idea of sitting on a plane that isn’t moving, would drive me bonkers.

So for all of you in the Northeast, my heart is out to you!